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Seductive Reasoning

You’ve been there.  We’ve all been there.  We’re faced with a difficult choice…one easy and one difficult.  We equivocate with great angst and finally make a decision.

Here’s the key to making a great decision, if not every time, at least most of the time.  Don’t use what I call seductive reasoning.  It’s happens when our decision making attitude is driven more by the differences in the difficulty of one choice versus another.  In other words, the hard choices are seldom made.  We much more frequently come down on the side of taking the easy way out through selecting the easier choice.

By constantly seducing our reasoning powers in this way, we open ourselves to the trap of mediocrity in life.  Mediocrity is born from a lack of commitment and self-discipline.  A fulfilling life is born from making hard choices over time and not compromising our potential for short-term ease.

Deduce that you will not seduce your reasoning in a way that compromises your potential in life.

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