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See a Peek of Your Future and Envision Amazing Clarity

It’s really not that long ago.  Let’s say it’s only 15 years ago and you are planning a trip to take the family to see the Grand Canyon.

Assuming you wanted to have some idea how you actually were going to get there; you rummaged around in the back of a closet or a drawer somewhere and found it!

Yes, you took out your trusty, dog-eared, years old Rand McNally Road Atlas and started to look for the best route from your location to the Canyon.

What did that process really entail?

Well, you looked at your location on the map and then your desired destination.  You could see all the routes you could take.  You plotted the one that best suited your travel desires and BINGO!

You knew where you were; could clearly see where you wanted to go; and exactly the route you would take to get there.

Off you went with the whole family in the car and excited with anticipation for new adventures. road-trip-1044982_1920

It was a wonderful trip loaded with new sights and sounds.  The Grand Canyon was awesome!

What made the whole experience even better was the planning you did.  There were few surprises on the route to and from your destination.

Everything went exactly as planned; you successfully reached your destination; and returned safely home.

I know!  Today you’d Google Map it!  :<)

The above description of your imaginary trip is a metaphor to illustrate a key to overcoming one of the great challenges you and others may face.

The challenge…being able to get from where you currently are in your life to where you ultimately would like to be.

The following video gives you the answer to overcoming that challenge.

Your trip to the Grand Canyon was successful because you had a clear picture (your map with the destination clearly highlighted) of how to get there.

Any destination you want to reach in life requires basically the same clarity of vision.


What are you going to do to create a high definition, explosive, colorful, detailed picture of your goals?

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