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See How 397 Feet Absolutely Applies to Your Success

In case you didn’t realize it, One World Trade Center is the official name for what was called Freedom Tower during its construction.  The dramatic, finished structure stands proudly in a corner of “Ground Zero” in New York City.

You see (in the above image) the majestic beauty of the building that replaces towers 1 and 2 of the old World Trade Center.  The success in designing and building the tower is a testimonial to human ingenuity and fortitude.  It stands in honor of those who lost their lives on that fateful day in 2001.

As you gaze at the wonder of all 1776 feet of the building from ground level up to the tips of its communications antenna, you can’t help but be awestruck.  However, few of us give serious consideration to what allows the structure to reach such heights while being stable and safe for human activities inside of it.

Just as your success in building your life, bringing One World Trade Center into reality, is all about the base.  No pun intended regarding Meghan Trainor’s recent smash hit song!  ;<)

Consider these statistics regarding the base of One World Trade Center.

  • The below ground level foundation structure goes down approximately 197 feet.
    • It consists of 24 massive steel girders each approximately 59 feet long and weighing 64 metric tons.
    • The accompanying foundational structure consists of concrete and steel armor.
  • The base of the building at ground level is a 200’ by 200’ footprint and includes:
    • A 49 foot high blast wall
    • An 80 foot high lobby
    • A series of mechanical floors
    • The total height of the building’s above ground base is 200 feet.
  • Total height for foundation and base is approximately 397 feet.


The gist of all this is the building could not successfully stand without all the massive construction at its base.  And…so it is with you achieving success at becoming all you can be, do or have!

You cannot rise to the heights of success without a deep, wide and strong foundational structure.

Can you imagine how quickly One World Trade Center would collapse without such a strong base?

Well, you don’t have to imagine how quickly your attempts at striving for success would collapse without a strong base.  You may have already experienced such a collapse personally or, at least, you’ve seen it happen to others.

But, One World Trade Center stands as living testimonial to what it takes to rise to great heights.  You can apply similar principles in your life and rise to great heights, too.

The four girders in your foundation for success are:  character, humility, honesty and integrity.

They support the four corners of the base to the rest of the structure of your life.  They must go deep into your soul.

From my point of view, the first girder is character and represents your moral excellence and firmness.  It is the steel that reinforces everything else necessary for a strong foundation for your success.

Watch the movie or read the book, Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand.  Louis Zamperini was (ultimately) an outstanding example of what character looks like in the flesh.

Even with the strength of steel in your character, you can’t allow it to drive you into a sense of false pride.  One World Trade Center is not better than the other buildings around it…it’s different.  You always have to maintain “foundational” thinking that you are not better than those around you…different but not better.  It’s called humility.

I could go on and on with clichés about the importance of honesty as one of the foundational girders to your life.  The simple truth is if you are not sincere and forthright in all you do the structure of your life will ultimately crumble around you.

Finally you have the girder supporting your life’s structure referred to as integrity.  If you are in an unimpaired condition regarding your honesty and fairness, you have integrity.  Anything short of perfection in this personal characteristic and your edifice to success will crumble quicker than your soup crackers at lunch.  ☺

The foundational girders mentioned above must be positioned to provide a wide enough base for you to build a stable success structure similar to the massive base of One World Trade Center (200’X200’X397’).  However, you don’t use materials like concrete and steel.

You use your constant pursuit of knowledge to establish the wide perimeter of the base for your success.

The breadth of your knowledge directly supports the height of your success.

The only way to consistently strengthen your knowledge is to dedicate a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes each day to that effort.  The method of acquisition is not what is important.  It is the disciplined effort over time that will assure the winds of change will not destroy the success you have built and will build in the future.

There are the 5 characteristics to building a foundation for success in your life.  Demonstrate character, humility, honesty, integrity and the pursuit of knowledge with courage and you will build a shiny edifice to the success of your life that will stand the test of time.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat do you think is important in building a successful life?  In what way do the above characteristics for building success resonate with you?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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