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See How Mr. Miyagi’s Zen Perspective Applies to Your Success

If you delve deep into the translation of the term, martial arts, and you are not a practitioner of the various arts, you would probably be confused by what you find.

There is a significant reason why your understanding of the concept behind the arts is very important to your success.

First, let’s explore the true meaning so we lay a foundation for how the concept applies to your greater success.

Especially in the cultures of the Western world the martial arts would generally fall into the category of violent, fighting sports. Here’s the contrast to that thinking in the cultures of their origin.

In those cultures the martial arts are all about Zen and finding peace and self-mastery. The arts have a goal of spiritual growth as a primary purpose not violent fighting. Here’s a link to a short article to help in your understanding

Hmmm…see what I mean?

But, watch the original version of The Karate Kid and you will see a hint of the original mindstate in the practice of the martial arts. The foundation of Mr. Miyagi’s teaching was in peace and self-mastery.

Frankly, I believe that is why the movie was a viral success at the box office. People were emotionally moved by the sub-plot of Zen not the violent interactions of the hero and antagonist.

The fact is the “karate kid” did not arrive, shall we say, until he fully embraced Mr. Miyagi’s philosophy.

And, that is just as true for you and your success.

When you do the things necessary to develop a sense of peace of mind and self-mastery, you will have a legitimate shot at your true potential.

Putting that in the frame of reference of the ultimate karate move in the movie, you will “Crane Kick” your way to success.

Some of the “moves” you can make to do just that are:

  • Defining your purpose for succeeding.
    • The purpose has to be Zen deep! It can’t be some superficial wish.
    • Ask yourself “why” at every level when defining your purpose.
    • Your “why” gives you the necessary drive to achieve self-mastery
  • Define the goals to achieving your purpose
    • Specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals focus your perspective
    • They reinforce the Zen of your purpose
    • They give you the clear direction you must take to achieve peace-of-mind
  • Make the “Crane Kick”
    • Purpose and related goals come first but action must be taken
    • Action is to success what Zen is to peace-of-mind and self-mastery

Little did Mr. Miyagi know all those years ago while helping the “Karate Kid” to peace-of-mind and self-mastery he was also helping you.

Crop of GNCC ShotWhat did you learn from this view of Mr. Miyagi’s philosophy that could help all of us?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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