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See How to Use a Problem Solving Secret of Albert Einstein

You’ve seen the pictures or video clips of a chess tournament somewhere.  Sometimes the tournament is taking place in a large room with hundreds of competing chess players.

Other times the only thing you see is two people diligently studying the position of the chess pieces on the board between them.

Chess is a game of strategy played on a checkered board between two players each with 16 pieces.  In the bigger scheme of things though, chess is a game focused on solving problems.

The problems come in the form of building a strategy of moves that allows one player to put the other players King under direct attack from which escape is impossible, AKA—checkmate.

Why do I say the moves can be a problem?  Well, according to one source the theoretically longest possible chess match is 5949 moves.

In fact, some experts would contend chess is infinite!

That is why any player but certainly the highest level players have to be outstanding problem solvers.  And, given the games infinite possibilities they have to constantly adapt their problem solving skills with the changing circumstances from each move.

As the game evolves they can’t necessarily use old solutions to solve new problems of strategy.  They have to raise their thinking to a new level.

Making the right moves in your life is metaphorically the same as a chess move.  As things change, you have to raise your problem solving skills to a new level to meet the challenge.

The following video shares an idea on how to do that very thing.  The idea will give you the key to unlock the door to your future success.

What will be your first move in putting a checkmate on your biggest problem?

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