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See the Ultimate Block that Results in a Devastating Tackle

Quickly let me state this post is not about blocking and tackling as done in American football!  I’m on a total different wave length…but, then I’ve been told that is not unusual for me!  ;<)

You, like so many people, may struggle in dealing with fear at many levels of your life.   In particular, dealing with the fears surrounding realizing your dreams is really difficult.

The challenge is not in you having dreams for your future.  It is in what the fear does in blocking you toward achieving them.   You see, not only are the fears the ultimate block to your efforts.  They actually crush you with a devastating tackle putting a complete stop to your effort to achieve your dreams.

Again, the root of your problem is not in dreaming.  The fear of not being able to achieve them is a symptom of the real problem, however.  Block the fear and you avoid the tackle!  You have a chance at scoring a win for your dreams.

So, why does your fear of not being able to achieve your dreams actually occur?  The ultimate answer…lack of faith in your willingness and ability to do all the things necessary to achieve your dreams.

If you create an attitude where faith in yourself is greater than fear of failure, you will not experience a block or tackle that will stop you from achieving your dreams.

Okay, so there’s the answer.  You need to build your level of self-confidence and, therefore, faith in yourself.

The solution starts with the power of your dream.  If you have a viscerally compelling dream in the first place, you will be driven to overcome all the obstacles to it.

Let’s make sure you clearly understand what “viscerally compelling” means.

When something is felt viscerally, it is coming from a deep, gut-level instinct rather than a rational thought from your brain.  When feelings within you are at this level they are telling you why you must achieve the particular dream.

Furthermore, when you have such deep, gut-level instincts at play you have an inspiring conviction about achieving your dream.

Your dream becomes irresistible!  You WILL NOT be blocked or tackled on the way to achieving it.

The summary of all this is…don’t pursue dreams that are not truly irresistible.  You will not achieve them if they are not irresistible.  You are kidding yourself and you will fail.  You will be blocked and tackled very quickly.  END OF STORY!

Be clear on why you want to achieve your dreams and you will have the faith to overcome your fears in trying to achieve them.

Develop that clarity by listing (in writing) the pros and cons to achieving your dream.  When your list for a particular dream has twice as many pros as cons you have a big enough reason why you should go for it.  You have something of substance in which to place your faith and your fear of failure will be overcome, as a result.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhen will you write your list of pros and cons to achieving one of your dreams?  When you have written the list, what was the result and what are you going to do about it?

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