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See Why Change Is Endemic in a Wonderful Life

Your life is going along “swimmingly,” as they say.  You wonder why should anything change.  Life is perfect!  Oh?

First, perfect is never permanent.  For something to remain perfect it absolutely must move with the changing circumstances of what perfect really means.

Yesterday’s perfect is inevitably tomorrow’s imperfect.

Take one of the most important changes that has occurred in your life, to date…your birth.

If your parents were like most parents, they saw you as absolutely perfect.  There were no bounds for their enthusiasm about their child.

But…that moment of your perfection at birth passed quickly.  Your inevitable growth as a human being made your original perfection morph into your ever-changing perfection as time passed.

In fact, if those changes hadn’t happened, you would have been faced with only one option—death.

What is true about the change that occurred for you and your family at your birth is true about morphing yourself to create a wonderful life.

As has been said by many people over human history—Change is inevitable.

Here is another view on why change must be endemic to creating a wonderful life.

The good news is change can be managed to your benefit.  Some resources to make that happen:

7 Essential Skills for Managing Change

5 Tips to Help You Manage Change 

Personal Change Management Skills

6 Life Lessons on Embracing Change and Impermanence

How to Deal with Major Life Changes

garylogonewbrownsmallWhich of the 5 resources I have provided above will you use first to make the changes you wish in creating a wonderful life?

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