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See Why Emotional Intelligence Will Make You Better

The scene is late one Saturday night at the home of George and Martha (their last names are not important).

A university colleague of George’s and the colleague’s wife are invited to have a nightcap.  The younger couple, Nick and Honey, are treated to a vitriolic display of verbal abuse between George and Martha.

The play and subsequent movie being described is Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf.  The characters portrayed in the story-line of the play demonstrate what happens in a relationship totally lacking in emotional intelligence.

As you watch the story unfold, you see the devastatingly negative impact of people not exercising emotional intelligence.

By the way, emotional intelligence has been defined as being aware of how you are reacting to other people and how they are reacting to you.  In addition, it involves you working hard during the interaction to understand why those reactions are occurring and trying to manage them to a productive outcome to the relationship.

Can you imagine how it would negatively impact your life if you had a similar lack of control over your emotions as did George and Martha in the play?

A life lost totally to emotion is a life totally drained of its highest potential!

The positive potential of you exercising a reasonable degree of emotional intelligence is summarized in the following video.

What are you going to do to exercise more emotional intelligence in your life?

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