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Seeing Is Believing

How many times have you looked at something and immediately did a double-take?  You were stunned!  If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, you wouldn’t have believed it.  Yet, when you take that second look, whatever it is you are looking at becomes very real.

The same is true about becoming all you can be in your life.  You look up that ladder to what you consider will define your success and you wonder.  Can I really climb that far and that high?

Yes you can!  But, you have to be the one that makes the climb.  Sure…you will need help from other people along the way.  The wonder of good people is they are more than willing to help those who are sincerely willing to ask.  Sincerity of need begets abundance of help.

That said, here’s the ultimate force behind you stepping on that first rung and every rung thereafter up your ladder of success:  Your vision.  You see it happening and it inevitably will happen.  Great achievers in all walks of life see their success before they reach success.  Said another way, if you can’t see it, you can’t reach it.

Go ahead.  See that first rung and step on it.  Believe you can keep climbing and you will.  You see…I believe that with all my heart!

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