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Self-Actualization through 4 Freedoms

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0341371You can’t be all you can be until you are free.  Lyrical…but, is the message in that sentence true?  I believe it is so let’s take a look at why I feel that way.

First, think about the impossibility of becoming all you can be if you couldn’t dream.  My simple-minded definition of self-actualization is having a dream you ultimately realize that lifts you to a higher state of you being.  In other words, having the freedom to dream is the first critical freedom.  When you have that freedom you have the foundation of your self-actualization.

But, dreaming isn’t doing.  If you’re going to ultimately realize your dream you must do all the things necessary to achieve it.  The key element to having the will to act on your dream is the depth of your emotional connection to that for which you dream.  So, the next of the 4 freedoms to self-actualization is having the freedom to feel deep emotions and be able to act on those emotions.

Now, comes the freedom to learn how to act on your emotions with wisdom and a sense of direction.   The old truism, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is very appropriate here.  In other words, your freedom to act on your emotions that are tied to your dreams must be channeled through a well thought out plan.

With your dream in your heart and a plan of action to achieve it comes the need for the fourth freedom.  The freedom to exercise your free-will and go for all you can be with enthusiasm, unwavering commitment and a vision of yourself when you have actually achieved your dream.

The bad news is none of those freedoms are free.  It takes you earning them!

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