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Self-Confidence is Critically Important to Self-Actualization

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900400355The truth is too many people have no chance at fully realizing their potential.  You can see my previous statement supported simply by watching the current season’s performers on American Idol.  Every one of the remaining idol candidates has outstanding potential but some clearly believe in their potential and others are kidding themselves.  You can see it in the eyes and body language of them.  Some project a total belief in themselves and the others project tentativeness.  The winning vote getter will be the one with the greatest ability to connect with the audience because they project a confident belief in themselves and what they have to offer.

What follows are a few of the characteristics needed to project self-confidence that wins people over every time.  And, it is when you win other people over in sincere and meaningful ways that you reach your full potential…you self-actualize.

First, ever judge a book by its cover?  Think about that the next time you step in front of someone to communicate with them or to sell them something. Will they discard you the same way you did that book before you even read the synopsis?

In other words, all the iterations of the various “Dress for Success” books over the years can be very helpful to your success.  Your “cover,” if you will, is how you groom and dress yourself.  Don’t allow people’s first impressions of you stop you dead in your tracks on your way to self-actualization.  Rather, wrap yourself in a “cover” that clearly communicates to people they should buy into the fact of your success.

Just as important as wrapping yourself in a “cover” of success is making sure people don’t view you as an “empty suit” because of your lack of some very powerful communication skills.  First among those skills is having the confidence and substance to deliver a ready smile to people.  Think about it.  Ever wonder why people don’t smile?  Maybe it’s because you didn’t smile at them first.

The warmth of your smile can show the humanity of your soul to other people.  Adding a warm, direct look into their eyes increases your personal power exponentially.  After all, your eyes were made to communicate with people not the wall behind them.  Make no mistake about it!  Your eyes are the window to what’s in your heart.

Along with the foregoing visual skills comes the need for strong verbal skills.  One critical aspect of verbal skills is being confident in volunteering your name in every encounter with another person.  There’s a psychological power in reinforcing your value as a person through giving value to your name by using it in every form of communication.  Skillfully handled, the technique of volunteering your name adds to your self-confident attitude.

Another aspect of exhibiting self-confidence is to recognize the fact that it is what you say but it may be even more how you say it.  Broaden your understanding of the words in your chosen language and then become adept at using them appropriately.  People perceive a great deal about your potential for success and your level of self-confidence by what you say and how you say it.  It absolutely takes self-confidence to light each word with the warm glow of success and self-actualization.

So, the five characteristics for projecting winning self-confidence are as follows:

  • Wrap yourself in a cover of success and present yourself appropriately.
  • Smile and people know you are confident and care.
  • Offer a warm, direct look into the eyes of other people.
  • Be proud of your uniqueness and give value to your name.
  • Use appropriate language and recognize the impact of what you say to people.
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