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Self Confidence

I think there’s a paradox, here.  I mean…if you have confidence, doesn’t that automatically give you self confidence?  I don’t see the need for the word, self, when talking about your sense of confidence at being able to accomplish some feat, or whatever.

Let’s face it…you are yourself.  As they say, “me, myself and I.”  What is is…and, in each of our cases, self is what we is, if you’ll pardon the poor English.  Proof!  One definition of self is:  “a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from other people.

Contrast a definition of confidence.  “a belief in your ability to achieve things.”  See what I mean?  By its very definition you do not need to put the word, self, in front of confidence!  You either have a belief in your ability to achieve things or you don’t.  Adding “self” to concept doesn’t change that.

Okay…I know!  I’ve been going on and on.  Here’s the bottom-line for you.  Believe in your ability to achieve things and you can be confident that you will.

To build your confidence, start small to ultimately achieve big.  In other words, whatever the ultimate goal break it down into clearly achievable subsets.  If you achieve a part of something bigger, bigger becomes smaller.  The smaller something bigger becomes the greater your momentum toward achieving it.

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