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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900438566As many of my readers know, I grew up on a wheat and cattle ranch in Montana.  The significance of that for this post is I can still remember the first self-propelled combine (a machine for harvesting wheat and barley) we got way back in the early 50’s.  The excitement of the whole family and the pride of my step-father were exhilarating.  We had arrived, so to speak!

Why was this event such a big deal?  Well, in prior harvests we would use our tractor to pull a very small combine behind it and creep around a field of wheat or barley taking no more than an eight foot swath of wheat into the machine for thrashing.  This old technology was so slow and unreliable it would take us several weeks to harvest just a few hundred acres of crops.

Aaah, but the wonder of the new self-propelled machine came in many forms.  It was big and powerful rather than small a weak.  It had huge capacity to harvest many acres a day rather than taking days to harvest a few acres.  It was cutting-edge in every way which made it more efficient and easier to maintain it in working order rather than the delays of frequent breakdowns with the old machine.

The concept of self-propelled still translates today into greater success.  Here’s my thinking on it.

People who are self-propelled rather than dependent on others to pull them through life have the same characteristics as our brand new self-propelled combine of long ago.  It’s those characteristics that create their success.

Those people are quick in their thinking and on their feet.  As a consequence they process more, in less time.  They also tend to be big and powerful as to their belief in themselves and their potential.  People who are self-propelled have a huge capacity for a broad range of interests.  Finally, they are cutting-edge in every way including incorporating physical exercise into their daily regimen so they can maintain themselves in good working order.

Are you self-propelled?

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