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Seneca Says

Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(c. 4 B.C.-A.D. 65), philosopher, playwright and statesman, said:
“As long as you live, keep learning how to live.”  So what makes
this guy’s thoughts germane to any of us living our lives today?  A
little background is in order.

Born in Spain in 4 BC,
Seneca was educated in Rome and became famous not only as a playwright, but as
an orator and philosopher as well.  He served as tutor to the young Nero,
and when the boy became Emperor in 54 AD, he retained Seneca as his advisor.
Maybe that brief background gives some understanding to why many of Seneca’s
plays and philosophical thoughts have been an influence for the past 2,000
years.  He, clearly, was a person of considerable intellect and
vision.  He experienced the power of knowledge in his own life and was
driven to contribute to the knowledge of others.

It seems to me we could
all benefit from subscribing to the knowledge imparted by his above noted
thought.  Too many of us tend to get lazy as our lives progress.  We
don’t work hard enough at taking advantage of the vast reservoir of knowledge
that is available to us.  We say “manana” and go about pursuing
our courses of least resistance…doing what’s comfortable.  The result,
for too many of us, are lives of mediocrity in comparison to what we could have
experienced, if we had stretched our boundaries of understanding through
developing a greater knowledge of the world around us.

The bottom line is
this.  We can’t just go through the motions of living and truly be
fulfilled.  We continuously have to acquire new knowledge which allows us to learn how to live for as long as we live.

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