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Shining Moment

If you’re lucky, you will have at least a couple of billion moments in your life.  A moment, as I define it, is one second.  The real point here is that life is not a promise it’s only a momentary opportunity.  Hopefully, you take your couple of billion moments, if that’s what you end up having, and make the most of each one of them.

Be alert and protective of the brilliance of each of your moments on this earth.  The moment comes to you as a shining opportunity.  Don’t tarnish it by wasting it and not cherishing it.  Polish it with purpose and pro-activity.

Put another way, your time is like a snowflake.  Each second is unique unto itself and it melts away quickly never to come again.  Make sure as each snowflake of a second melts away that you have drank from the purity of its drop of opportunity.

You can’t shine if each of your moments don’t shine.

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