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Sick or Fit

All right.  Face yourself on this one.  You know what I mean.  You have been planning and then postponing doing something about your physical condition for months, if not years.  You know you should exercise but something keeps getting in the way.  Like your attitude!

It’s a simple biological fact.  Our bodies were not built for lethargy.  They were built for action…to be used…to be kept moving!  Yet, we lay around stuffing our face and doing as little physical activity as possible.  What an absolute shame!

Some people complain the reason they don’t have a consistent exercise regimen is because of a lack of time.  Oh?  Well, the science behind the reasons to exercise would confirm that the body much more rapidly ages and deteriorates when not subjected to constant use.  More over, the science confirms those who are less active are sick more frequently.  Don’t have time for exercise but have time to get sick?  Where’s the logic in that thinking?

Depending on which exercise guru you read or listen too, the minimum would seem to be 30 minutes of moderate exertion per day.  Come on you know you must waste at least 30 minutes a day doing something less productive than exercising.

Sick or fit?  It’s your choice.  On the other hand, it’s sick if you don’t chose fit!

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