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Silence Is Golden

You’ve known the type.  They have an opinion about everything.  Furthermore, they open their mouth and express that opinion about everything.  In their mind, the intelligence demonstrated by their ubiquitous expressions of their volumes of opinions is the center of any conversation and the thing that endears them to so many.

They never learned, or at least subscribed to, the truism:  Silence is golden.  To them silence is painful and most certainly a demonstration of a lack of social skills and broad intelligence.  In my opinion, their lack of silence is the gold standard for confirmed ignorance.

Think about it.  I know of no measurement of intelligence that includes opinionated verbosity.  In fact, one could say intelligence is measured in silence.

S/he who is most intelligent is usually most thoughtful.  Their self-worth is not measured in number of opinions expressed or words uttered.  Rather, it is a golden silence of comfortable self-confidence that is used in a measured way.

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