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Singin’ In The Rain

Gene Kelly was one hell of a dancer under all kinds of circumstances.  His most famous setting for demonstrating his dancing prowess may well have been in the movie of the same name as the title for this post.  He really did some fancy footwork while the rain poured down and his umbrella was of little use.

With rain being a metaphor for negative circumstances or thinking, here’s the question.  Do you dance in your own rainy circumstances or do you hunker down and become negatively defensive and protective?

Rainy circumstances don’t create negativity.  People’s attitude while dealing with the rainy periods in their lives dictates negativity.  You can choose to feel the rain as wet and cold or you can see it as a shower of opportunity in your life.  If you feel you need some kind of umbrella of protection as you deal with the rain, fine.  Just don’t let the rain stop you from continuing to dance toward the opportunities in your life.

It’s like a Chinese proverb states:  “He who is drowned is not troubled by the rain.”  Keep singin’ and don’t be drowned!

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