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Skin Deeper

Yup…there’s the well known expression,  “Beauty is only skin deep.”  That expression, as are many succinct expressions like it, really is a truism.  It is so on point its truth is universal.

But, for you and all of us, if we are to truly self actualize in this life,  we must be deeper than our skins.  We can’t depend only on our outward looks as the tool to deliver success.  Those kind of people are pictured in every tabloid on the face of the earth.  Many, also, disappear from those tabloids into oblivion just as quickly as they seemed to come out of nowhere.  They were “15 minute” wonders and gone.

Self actualization (becoming all you can be in this life) isn’t about 15 minutes or days or months or even years.  It’s about a life lived deeper than our skin.  It’s about living from your core…from your soul.  It’s about your core values being totally congruent with everything you project to the outside world.  In that case, people can feel comfortable with you as they look deep under your skin to who you really are.  You can’t be all you can be until you and other people are absolutely comfortable with who you are.

Now that’s “skin deeper!”

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