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Slip Sliddin’ Away

Yeah…I know there’s an old song with that title that was written by Paul Simon.  The lyrics to that song are very germane to our day to day thinking and more importantly our actions.

Paul Simon writes:  “You know the nearer your destination the more you’re slip sliddin’ away.”  Well, I’m not talking about your destination necessarily although the point is the same.  As implied in the lyrics of Simon’s song, when we let things happen without exercising some personal control those things can just slip away.

And, so it is with the time you have to become all you can be.  I’ll make my point with my own additional lyrics to Paul Simon’s thoughtful song.

Time only knows how much time you’ve got
So, why lay in bed and let your life rot
Grab on to your seconds of opportunity
Don’t let your life just slip into eternity
Take each day as it comes and make it happen
Don’t just sit there with your toe a tappin’
Create your plan that will let you have your say
Otherwise you will feel your time just slip sliddin’ away

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