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Sneak Peek To Seek

Alliterative, don’t you think?  I’m talking about the title of this post.  That’s important because the title can serve as the draw that encourages interest in reading the content of the post.  I want you to read the content because that’s where the benefit to you is!

So, let’s get to that benefit.

The fact is all of us want something out of life.  You too!  I would bet.  The problem is many of us don’t know where to start in getting whatever it is that we want.  It doesn’t make any difference what the “want” is:  new car, peace of mind, safety from life’s storms, a better education or home, whatever.  It doesn’t make any difference!  The starting point to getting your wants is the same.

It all starts with a sneak peek.  You have to have a crystal, clear vision of what it is that you seek.  If you can see it, you can seek it.  Conversely, if you don’t have that clear vision, nothing you do will help you get it.  You see, it is the clarity of your vision that lifts your emotions to where you become driven.

Think of the logic to what I am saying.  When you think, isn’t most of it in some form of picture in your mind?  We think in pictures!  So, logic says, if you picture what you want; you see what you want; you feel what you want; you take the necessary steps toward what you want.  The key is it can’t be a blurry, water color picture of what you want.  You have to think it through to the point that you have a “high definition,” explosive, colorful, detailed picture of your desire.

In summary, if you sneak a peek at what you seek, you will get what you want.

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