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So, Here We Are…

…in the middle of another Holiday Season!  I’m wondering how things have changed for you since the last season.  Have they gotten better or worse?  Have you acted on the things you said you were going to do differently in the future?  Do you look back on the last year with a sense of accomplishment or disappointment?

Well, your answers can be quite telling but they are not the final answer.  The final answer only comes when you stop trying to answer the questions to your satisfaction.  Never quit and you will ultimately get it…regardless of what “it” is!

It is not about your actions in the past, if you let them serve as a launching pad for your future.  The future is always bright when you let your past serve as the light to a new dawn…to a new you and a greater you.

I’ve used this anonymous quote somewhere deep down in my earlier posts but it is particularly apropos here.  “The past is valuable as a guidepost but dangerous if used as a hitching post.”

Get it!  Don’t dwell on the past!  Use it as a guide to an even brighter future!

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