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So You Think You’re A Genius!

Hey…I can understand your enthusiasm, if you really think you’re a cut above the rest of us when it comes to your level of “smarts.”  On the other hand, what makes you think so?

I’ll tell you a little truth from my experience.  Most people who think they’re a genius are absolutely anything but.  If you are willing to happily remind people on a frequent basis how smart you are, you are actually dumb.  Genius is not born of pontificating but of disciplined action.  The smartest people usually prove to be the hardest workers.  Yes, there has to be a level of motivation there but true genius is using the motivation to drive a high level of action.

If you wanted to try to put what it takes to truly be a genius, in some mathematical reference, it looks like this.  Those that are dumb think their genius is 90% of who they are and their actions are only 10%.  Conversely, true genius is really only about 1% inspiration and the rest is perspiration.

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