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Soaring to the Heights Requires Wings

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0447869A basic principle of flight is there must be a long, “flattish” surface that is relatively thin when looked at horizontally and relatively wide when looked at from a vertical angle.  Of course such a surface then has to interact with air.  When the interaction occurs, the underside of the surface has more air pressing against it then does the upper side of the surface.  Result…the surface is lifted through the air.  Voila!  You have flight.

So!!!  If you want to soar to the heights during your life, you have to create the “surfaces” that will lift you there.  Of course, you’re not going to grow wings!!  Rather, you are going to create the circumstances (figurative wings) that add the right kind of pressure beneath you and lighten the pressure above you.

The first circumstance that gives you lift is having the powerful, emotional pressure of a vision of some dream.  It can’t be a wish.  Wishes don’t give you lift.  They create turbulence around you because they may occupy your mind but they do not penetrate your heart.  A dream is heartfelt and flight giving!

Another circumstance necessary to soaring to the heights is you must have a place from which to take off.  In other words, you need to understand where you have been and gain from that understanding.  With that understanding, you can create a “runway” or plan for taking off toward your dream.

However, like most things of flight you must land somewhere at some time.  In short, you can’t fly forever.  On occasion you must come in for a landing to rest, refuel, re-evaluate and recommit.  Doing those things from time to time reduces the downdrafts that will try to push you down from the heights. Your intent is not to crash.  It is to allow the pressure of your dream to help you glide gently to a temporary landing.

When the time is right, flap the wings of your dreams; check that your runway to them is clear; and soar!

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