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Sometimes Overcoming Requires Releasing

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0341418There’s this!  There’s that!  There’s the next thing!  And, the next!  And, the next!  Well, you get the idea.  All those things flying around in your life can be absolutely overwhelming and downright debilitating.  As they say, “If it isn’t one thing then it’s another!”  Your life is not meant to be lived in a maelstrom of “things.”  You can choose to live your life differently!

Your first choice has to be taking an inventory of all the things that are currently overwhelming you.  It’s a very tough choice because you have to choose to temporarily give up your attempts at getting ahead of the storm.  Stop!  Look!  Listen!  And, evaluate what all is going on in your life.  Without taking this temporary halt you will not be able to create permanent solutions.

Looking at the whole issue in a slightly different way but directly related, sometimes you have to release yourself from fighting everything.  By releasing your tension and anxiety, you give yourself the chance to look at things differently.  Your different perspective will help you identify new ways to handle the load of your life.

Here are a series of simple steps you could implement immediately to get better control.  Fifteen minutes before the end of each day force yourself to stop whatever it is you are doing.  Make a list of everything you have accomplished during your day.  Create another list of the items you want to tackle tomorrow.  Then, release yourself from thinking about any of the items on either list.  Give yourself a break from it all.  Your have your action list for tomorrow and tomorrow will come soon enough.

The first action you take on your list for the new day should be that which offers the greatest challenge to you and, therefore, potentially the greatest reward when completed.  Following taking some actions on that item continue to prioritize the remaining items on your list in a similar manner.

Repeat the process of inventory and release at the end of each day.  You will find your disciplined approach to the “things” in your life will help you overcome them.

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