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Somewhere Out There

b2ap3_thumbnail_00442449I don’t mean to sound overly spiritual with the title of this post.  I’m not talking about something mystical or referring to the vastness of the universe, either.  My thought is much more concentrated than that.  The concentration is on expressing some thoughts to help you reach your potential.

The first step in you reaching your potential is in you believing you are worthy of it.  As they say, faith conquers all.  Your potential is born from the power of your self-image.  Remember, it is your self-image and not an image that is conjured from what others think.  You truly are as a good as you think you are!

With your belief as the foundation, it doesn’t make any difference what your pursuit is.  Anything is possible.  In some way, excellence is always within your reach.  The key is for you to keep reaching until you find that which you have defined as excellence.  Here, again, not as someone else defines excellence but how you, alone, define it.

Somewhere out there excellence awaits you.  It’s there for the taking.  Yes, there are always obstacles between you and that excellence but that’s exactly the point.  Excellence isn’t born of ease.  It is born of disciplined effort over time.  Obstacles are truly the opportunities for you to clearly define your ultimate achievement of excellence in anything.

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