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Soul Food

Nourishment is a necessity to life.  No nourishment…no life, at least after a while.

But, there are all kinds of ways to consider the idea of nourishment.  Here, I’m talking about the nourishment of your soul.  It’s like Bob Marley said:  “Don’t gain the world and lose your soul.  Wisdom is better than silver and gold.”  Powerful thought and nourishing food for the soul.

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to acquire things we forget a key point.  Things grow old, break or become uninteresting to us after a while but knowledge persists.  It hangs around with us for a lifetime and is used and reused and with each use adds interest to our life.  An interesting life is food for the soul.

If knowledge is soul food, then reading and learning are the vitamins to nourish it.  Never stop gaining new knowledge.   Never stop the flow of food to your soul.  You’ll wither and die.

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