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Don’t you just love the sound of that word?  Everything about it seems to connote something positive.  Frankly, I can’t see how anything negative could result from a situation, circumstance or state of mind that sparkles.  It suggests brightness, vibrancy, and energy.

Wouldn’t it be great if your life exuded brightness, vibrancy and energy?  Think about it!  If it doesn’t, what would it take for you to change things so those positive characteristics shimmered their way through every aspect of your life?  It’s not really very complicated but it is hard.  It’s hard because you have to exercise the self-discipline to change your habits.  Your habits are just as pertinent to a dull set of circumstances in your life as they are to one filled with sparkle.

But, hard does not mean impossible.  The impossible becomes possible when you adjust your thinking and habits so anything becomes possible.

Your habits are born of your thinking, first, and become engrained as you become comfortable with them.  In short, change your thinking and you make it possible to change your habits.

Okay…so enough preaching…here’s how to initiate change that brings some sparkle into your life.  First, take an inventory of how your thinking has impacted where you are today.  Save the thinking habits that sparkle and discard those that are dull.  Secondly, define what a life of brightness, vibrancy and energy would look like for you.  With that definition in mind, determine what kind of thinking habits would create those circumstances in your life.  Next, practice those habits daily, all day for four weeks.  At the end of those 28 days dull thinking will be replaced with thinking that bursts with sparkle.

Sparkle!  It’s so much more exciting than having your life fade into a dull existence.

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