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Speed Is Not of the Essence!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Front-of-Speeding-TrainYup…the pace of the world is out of control.  Time flies by faster and faster.  Change upsets your place in the world at break-neck speed.  There is no stopping to catch your breath…everything is moving too fast to do that!  You’re desperate for a rest area so you can collect your thoughts and reset your course to wherever it was that you want to go.

It’s frustrating, to say the least…isn’t it?  Well, there is an answer to eliminating that frustration but it is in the exact opposite direction to what you have been experiencing.  Speed is not of the essence for you to get where you’re going. Yes, the rest of the world may be perceived as forcing you into a high-speed approach.  However, you are the one that controls the speed of your pace in life…not the rest of the world!

Racing hither and thither in pursuit of your desires in life can be exhausting.  So exhausting that, in fact, you may never get there.  Here’s the point, it’s not the speed of your pace!  It’s that you never stop!

One solution is to force yourself to think progress not pace.  Every time you find yourself speeding up to the pace of others focus on the individual stepsyou must take to keep progressing at your own pace.  Again, the essence is not speed but getting there.

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