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Spotlight on The Great Stamp of Approval Hoax

For some people international travel these days feels like a high risk venture.  How about you?

Every day, almost, you can see news reports about some terror attack.  Those events used to be very isolated geographically and philosophically.

No longer!  You can become a victim of terror anywhere and for absolutely no reason, assuming you are the typical innocent bystander.

Because of all this—traveling outside your home country is downright unsettling at best and potentially lethal at worst.

If you are like most of us, when you return to the passport processing center in your country it can be a huge anxiety reducing event.  That is especially the case when the passport officer stamps your passport as approved for re-entry!

There is no hoax in that approval, right?  You feel so validated to be back home free and safe!

Unfortunately, you—like too many other people—may spend your days searching for stamps of approval in many other ways.  Here is where you can be duped by what I call the great stamp of approval hoax.

The following video summarizes some of those stamps of approval that are a hoax.  More importantly, it hits on what you should do to avoid being duped by such hoaxes.

What is the first step you will take to give yourself a stamp of approval?

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