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Stamp of Approval

You’ve seen them.  Usually, they’re red or sometimes bluish in color.  It’s those stamps of approval from a government agency that confirms something is okay to consume or whatever.  Bottom-line is those stamps have a powerful impact on us.  We believe them so we choose or buy the item because it has been approved from on high, so to speak.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you, too, are approved from on high.  Not in the religious sense but in just as powerful way as that.

You don’t need some government agency to give you their stamp of approval!  You don’t need another human being to validate you by giving you their stamp of approval.  In short, you don’t need nothin’ from nobody!

Love yourself.  Respect yourself.  Accept yourself.  Be yourself.  Stamp yourself…APPROVED!  YOU are your highest form of approval!

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