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Okay what I’m about to say may seem “out of this world” in terms of perspective.  But, if I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t write it.  That’s the essence of the nature of this blog.  It’s about heartfelt truths created in the stream of consciousness of my mind as driven by my life experiences.  So, join me as we talk a little bit about the stars.

In the final analysis, we have a destiny we will ultimately reach in our lives.  I don’t mean the inevitability of death, here.  I mean all the things we are, do and have as a result of living our lives.  It’s everything we create up to the point of our death…that is what I mean by our destiny.

Now, comes the “out of this world” point I want you to act on.  If destiny is your direction, make sure you’re on course for the stars.  Why be earthbound by your thinking, doing and having!

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