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Stay True and Always Be You

b2ap3_thumbnail_011-Anxiety-800x600You know the type of people I’m thinking about.  They’re the ones who act like they think we believe them.  They lost their sense of identity somewhere along the way and are trying to be something they are not.  The only people who don’t see the transparency in their shallow persona are they themselves.  They wouldn’t know themselves even when looking in a mirror.

A mirror is an almost magical thing.  Think about it.  A mirror is defined as something that shows what another thing is like in a very clear and accurate way.  So, one of the most silly things anyone can do is stand in front of a mirror and not truly recognize the reflection of the person seen.  Even “smoke and mirrors” can’t hide you from you!

The point is…we as observers of other’s behavior are like mirrors.  We can see through the smoke of a deceptive persona “in a very clear and accurate way.”  But, unlike a mirror we don’t have to continue to take it.  We can walk away from the relationship and eliminate the reflection from our minds.  And, by the way, sooner or later we will!

There is only one way people will remain in a productive relationship with you.  They want to know you as you truly are not as you think you would like to be.   The depth and permanence of any relationship, professional or personal, is directly related to its authenticity.  To be authentic you can’t possibly try to copy someone else or be false in any way.  If you will think of every person on the other side of any of your relationships as a metaphoric mirror, then you know you must project a picture that is “very clear and accurate.”

In short, stay true and always be you.

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