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Stepping Stones

Ever walk on, shall we say, an unimproved pathway in the forest or wherever?  If you have, then you know walking on such a path can get very tricky if not “trippy.”  You can very easily lose your footing and fall.  Falls always are a bit shocking and potentially physically damaging.  It’s really best to avoid them if you can.

Stepping stones always help in avoiding disaster on any path, including the path you are on in your life.  If you walk through life always on a dangerously unimproved pathway, disaster lurks with every step.  By my definition, a dangerously unimproved pathway in life is one that takes you in no particular direction and is fraught with tripping points.  As I said, stepping stones help in significantly reducing the danger and defining the direction of your path in life.

Some stepping stones you should always have in place to make your pathway more secure are:

A vision for your life.
A passion for fulfilling that vision.
A plan that defines the direction of your path.
A bias toward acting on your plan.
A willingness to fail along the way and keep going.
A focus that keeps you from becoming discouraged.
A desire to accept help along the way, as needed.
A humble acceptance of success when it comes.

Stepping stones…they pave the way for a pathway in life that is interesting and rewarding.  Put your stepping stones in place with small steps every day.

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