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Sticking Power

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900400346Sticking can really be a sticky subject, if you’ll pardon the pun.  For example, think about that situation when you are eating a piece of caramel candy and it sticks to your teeth.  The next thing you know after struggling to chew through the candy so you can open your jaw you realize you’ve literally had a tooth filling pulled out of one of your teeth.  Yikes!  Or, you step in some chewing gum that had been discarded on the sidewalk and, now, you’re reduced to halting steps as you try to clear the gum from your shoes.  Both very sticky situations, wouldn’t you agree?

Clearly the above two examples put “stick,” “sticking” or “sticky” in a negative light.  But, consider one definition of those words that may put a different spin on them:  “cling or fasten very tightly to something; adhere.”

Regardless of the two situations noted above, if you were to cling or fasten yourself very tightly to something, it could have a much more positive outcome.  In fact, your very success in life depends on you sticking to achieving each of your goals.  If you don’t stick to them, they will inevitably slip away!

It’s called tenacity, persistence, determination, strong will just to name a few alternative words to define the characteristic of sticking to something until you have gotten to where you want to go.  Your rewards in life are directly proportional to your sticking power.

Always adhere to a decision long enough to make it right.

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