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Stop Dead Attitude

I always find the way people make decisions (or not) to be interesting and many times perplexing. What’s perplexing to me is the significant number of people who go through hand-wringing days and sleepless nights of anxiety as they vacillate, hesitate, ruminate, and generally procrastinate when faced with making a decision about something. They’re in a state of what I call “Stop dead attitude.” They are stopped dead in their tracks and can’t move forward. What a miserable way to live, in my opinion!

Procrastinating in making a decision is a killer of the limited amount of time we have in this life. Time wasted is lifeblood wasted! So, what’s the answer?

The fact is a decision is never the right one until you act on it to make it so. Focused actions are the key to overcoming the anxiety of making and/or having made a decision. Organize your thinking so you can make a decision by listing the pros and cons surrounding whatever you are making a decision about. Having listed the pros and cons you have a visual perspective of the situation that will allow you to act with more clarity…but you must act. In making the decision, choose the side of your deliberations that has the longest list. Is it the pros or the cons…PERIOD…end of deliberations! Then, move on! Don’t look back until your actions have made the decision the right one and you can use the experience as the basis for one more positive step into your future.

In short, create an attitude of “Move ahead” rather than “Stop dead.”

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