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Stop Your Opportunities in Life from Being Eclipsed by the Shadows of Doubt: Five Strategies for Letting in the Light of Opportunity

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900449128Just as the light of a full moon pushes back the darkness and reveals a shimmering lake so too can you push back the darkened boundaries of your life by letting in the glaring light of opportunity.  But, to do that you can’t create shadows of doubt by the way you think.  To the contrary, your thought patterns have to burst with the positive light of day, so to speak.

Realizing the benefit of your opportunities in life is born of being able to see past the shadow of risk.  Sure.  You always need to be thoughtful when considering any opportunity but being thoughtful shouldn’t mean being doubtful.  Rather, being thoughtful should always be bent toward the positive rather than the negative.  In other words, when you are thinking about opportunity it should orient toward the potential benefits rather than only the risks.

Eclipsing the doubts in your life is a mindset.  You control that mindset.  It is not your circumstances that create doubt.  It your mental stances!  Shadows of doubt are absolutely the result of dark thinking.  Here’s some suggestions to fix your thinking, if need be:

  • First, find the root of your negativity and consider how that root began to grow in your life.
  • Now, pull that root from you brain and plant a new seed of thinking in exactly the opposite way.
  • Persevere because pulling the root of negativity from your brain after years of growth won’t come without hard, sweaty, painful work.
  • Remember the root of negativity grew from the darkness of your past.
  • However, it’s up to you to look forward and allow in the bright light of the future rather living in the shadows of the past.

I have no doubt these suggestions can work for you, if you will eclipse your past and just reach for the light your future.

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