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Storm to Success

It’s astonishing to me the number of people who struggle with the whole concept of what success would look like to them. The simple fact is if you are going to be even more successful, it won’t come as a surprise. Rather, you have to plan for it and then follow your plan to achieve it.

Additionally, it would seem most people want to be seen by other people as a success. I believe success is not as seen through the eyes of the beholder. It is as felt in the heart of the pursuer. The only way to achieve that feeling is through planful action.

Maybe a metaphor to explain what I mean would help, here. The metaphor is the result of an experience I had recently while working in my office. There was a powerful thunderstorm raging outside. All of a sudden there was this billion lumens flash of lightening and an atomic bomb level explosion of thunder! I can confirm that the painting my Edvard Munch entitled, The Scream, is a portrait of me in that moment!

But, as the moment faded I had the following stream of thoughts. A flash of lightning…a clap of thunder. You see the light first then hear the sound. Whatever form your pursuit of success takes in life, if you but will open your eyes and see the light, first, you will be better able to also listen for the sounds that will lead you to success.

Doing so will blow you past the raging storm of struggling toward success and into the calm sunshine of your planned success.

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