Creating Innovative Solutions to Strategic Business Challenges

| Fast tracking innovative solutions to reset and define strategic direction and organizational growth


Many organizations do not hit their targeted growth plans for a very troubling reason. Those organizations may tend to be working hard but they are working on the wrong things. In other words, the worst thing an organization can do is think they are working on solving their problems when in fact they are focused on the symptoms of the problems. Working on symptoms of a problem will never solve the problem because doing so is like trying to get to the center of a maze. Working on symptoms takes organizations off into dead-end solutions. Only when an organization actually gets down to the root cause (the problem) of the growth challenges does it have a chance of turning things around.

A solution I provide in that regard can be of major help. The solution is to work with the client by facilitating the targeted brainstorming of stakeholders so as to absolutely assure accurate problem definition and tactics of resolution. The process I take my clients through stops the absolute inefficiency of trying to solve problems by focusing on the symptoms of the problems. In short, taking my clients through a targeted brainstorming process puts their focus on doing right things right.


  • Clear problem definition.
  • Symptoms become the path to defining the problem rather than misdirection.
  • Resources are not wasted but allocated on a direct route to the problem solution.
  • Better definition of strategic direction toward organizational growth.