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Strength in Purpose

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900321192_20130724-202812_1Now that I think about it, I could have titled the post, Strength of Purpose.  Let’s take a look at my point.

To start we definitely need a clear and mutual understanding of those two little words: in and of.  The definitions might seem self-evident but I don’t want to assume too much here because my ultimate point is too important to you and any confusion could help in missing the point.

“In” can be defined as to be enclosed, surrounded, inside, included or involved, in summary.  On the other hand, “Of” can be defined, in summary, as belonging to and/or coming from.  So, let’s take a look at how using one word vs. the other impacts things.

I titled this post Strength in Purpose.  Given the above summary of the definition of ”in” the title could mean that your strength is enclosed, surrounded, inside, included or involved with your purpose.  In other words, without purpose strength can’t exist.  It doesn’t make any difference what strength we’re referring to…it could be physical strength, mental strength, or a drive to succeed, as some examples.  Your strength in any of those examples is directly in proportion to the clarity of your purpose.

Switch the discussion to a title of Strength of Purpose.  In that case, the title could suggest that your strength belongs to and/or comes from your purpose.

So what’s the ultimate and value-added point?  Well, whether your strength is “in” or “of” the power of your effort regarding that strength is not there, if you don’t have a clear purpose.  Purpose is what gives you the strength to achieve anything that you strongly desire.

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