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There’s no doubt about the fact that these are tough times for many people.  If it isn’t joblessness, it’s financial ruin, or a loved one away at war, or oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.  Whatever!  It can be tough for many of us to get past the stress and move on with our lives in a productive and meaningful way.

The point is we can’t allow external factors to be the sole driver of our internal reactions to our world.  We have to think strategically not emotionally.  Here’s a list of three things you can do in that regard.

First, recognize that things happen for a reason but don’t focus on the negative.  Think about how to create opportunity.

Next, realize that disorganization and procrastination are primary causes of stress.  You’ve got to get moving rather than wallow in malaise.

Finally, as it relates to my previous point, reorder your thinking to “focus” management rather than “time” management.  If you’re focused, time will take care of itself.

Act on the above three things and you will feel less stressed.

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