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Stretching Your Mind Will Leave You Permanently Improved and Refined

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0438727Picture the last time you blew a balloon up.  It doesn’t make any difference as to what the event was.  I want you to focus on the balloon.  There it is lying there on the table, or wherever, a perfectly shaped, brand new balloon.  You know what they look like…usually not a wrinkle anywhere in their surface and perfectly proportioned from the open end to the tip.  Got that picture?

Now, imagine yourself going through the process of blowing up that balloon.  You pick it up…maybe give it a little tug to stretch it a little supposedly to make it easier to expand while you’re blowing.  You put the open end in your mouth while maybe trying to get a little grip on it with your front teeth so the thing doesn’t blow across the room were it to slip out of your mouth.  You start blowing and low and behold the balloon begins to stretch under the pressure of the air you are transferring to it.  As the balloon expands you take care not to overfill it to the point where it explodes in your face.  Finally, there it is!  A perfectly shaped balloon; fully expanded; ready to be tapped around the room on the outstretched hands of those who are present. 

Or, you choose to let the air out of that balloon and attempt to return it to its original size and shape.  As you have learned from your many balloon blowing experiences in your life the balloon never does return to its pre-blown up condition.  Now, the skin is misshapen and wrinkled and the thing is nowhere near the size it once was.  All your efforts to return it to its new condition are futile. 

Well, in similar fashion once you expand your mind through the acceptance of new information and ideas, it will never return to its original condition. Your world is changed because the information in your mind has changed.  In other words, you are permanently improved and refined because of the stretched condition of your mind.

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