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Stupid’s Not Permanent

Let’s be perfectly blunt here! We all do stupid things…even you. What was your latest stupid thing to do? Run a red light. Lock yourself out of your house. Say something to somebody in a moment of frustration that you really shouldn’t have said. Got out of the stock market just before the recent upturn. Overloaded on credit card debt. Bought something on impulse that you really didn’t need. Thought you could beat the gambling odds in Vegas. I’m sure you would agree all those things could be perceived as stupid and there are a myriad of other things that could be included in the realm of stupid.

Okay…so you did something stupid. How did it make you feel? Embarrassed. Sad. Angry. Overwhelmed with guilt. Repentant. Convinced you will never do that again.

Here’s the point about the reality that we all do stupid things. It’s not the stupid things that we do that should be our focus. First, It’s what we learn from doing those things. Secondly, it’s what we do differently going forward that really counts. But, most importantly, we should realize that living a life without doing at least one stupid thing would be boring in the very least.

Life is not a permanent condition and so, neither is stupid. Live your life and just get over the stupid things you do along the way.

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