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Success Comes By Evolution Usually Not By Revolution

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0398761Think about it!  Revolution is identified with a sudden or momentous change of some sort.  Conversely, evolution is a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually a more complete or better form.

Here’s the challenge for too many of us…we want all that we can be, do or have to happen now.  In other words, we’d like to self-actualize by way of a sudden or momentous change.  We think it would be easier that way.  We ask:  Why spend years or maybe even a lifetime becoming all we can be, do or have?  What’s the fun in that?  Let’s try to force it happen now!

The great thinkers over millennia have recognized, in one way or another, it is not in arriving at all we can be, do or have that is the true reward.  It is the journey to get there that brings the ultimate pleasure and sense of accomplishment.  Just to prove my point concerning great thinkers and their opinions on how to succeed in life, Google “great thinker quotes” and over sixty-two million results are displayed.  Sure!  Not all the results are directly related to my point but millions of their thoughts expressed are.

The struggle to succeed in life for most of us is a process of evolution.  We go through trial and error and learn our way to where we want to go.  It is in that gradual process that we can best assure a more complete and better form of ourselves.

Putting it in a different frame of reference, we are all familiar with the phrases:  one hit wonder or an overnight success.  Those phrases serve as excellent analogies for the concept or success by revolution.  Those kinds of “successes” blast onto the scene and in the vast, vast majority of cases disappear just as quickly in a puff of smoke.

Which would you prefer?  Success that guarantees a permanently different and more complete you…Or, success that is sudden or momentous and in most cases very temporary.

Two quotes to make my final point of contrast between the concepts of evolution vs. revolution:

Evolution:  Plan your work and work your plan.

Revolution:  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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