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Success Is a Progression

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0439328Lots of people wonder about it because they don’t have it.  For many of those people, they will never have it because they won’t find out how.  This post is a bit about “what” and more about “how.”

The “what” is success; however you choose to define it.  The definition of the word isn’t what’s important, necessarily.  What’s important is you know in your gut that you have achieved it.  It’s that visceral knowledge of having arrived at success that gives you piece of mind.

So, the “what” is important but it’s the simple part.  The hard part is determining “how” to achieve the success you desire.  While it’s hard, the pathway to success is relatively simple to recognize.  In short, the pathway to success is a progression in your thinking.

The first step is to wish for whatever you define as success.  In the state of wishing, you’re aware of your desire for success.  However, in such a state there is a sense of longing and dissatisfaction.  If the sense of longing and dissatisfaction is strong enough, it will drive you to the next level in the progression to success.

The next level in progressing towards success is wanting that which you desire.  At the level of wanting success, your desire is strong enough to compel you to actually plan for that which you define as success.  Your planning is so detailed that it defines each step to actually realizing that for which you had only wished.

In this progressive state of mind, you will be ready for the next step in your journey to success.  Here, your drive for success is so compelling that you actually do all that it takes to make it happen.  You’re not in a mental state of desire but, rather, in a state of action.

The key to making this progression work for you is the depth of your emotional attachment to that which you define as success.  Your emotions create the wish for success; lift you to wanting success; and, ultimately drive you to “do” success.

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