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Success Is Not an Option When Failure Remains an Option

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0433216Success is never about an attitude that is overwhelmed by a fear of failure.  It is always about an attitude of execution even in the face of fear.  Yes, even the most successful people will admit that they failed numerous times throughout their lives.  However, did they fail?

Failing can be defined as being unsuccessful at achieving something.  Similarly, failure can be defined as a situation in which something stops functioning. It seems to me, if either situation exists success in not an option.  However, when people are ultimately successful then they did achieve something. Furthermore, they must not have stopped functioning.  In other words, they may have failed intermittently while striving to achieve success but they kept striving toward success, regardless of their fear or the minor setback of failing temporarily.

So, are you letting failure sneak into your mentality and, therefore, be an option in your life?  Are you letting that debilitating fear and anticipation of failure overwhelm your thinking to where you are frozen in failure?  Well, as Cher said years ago in the movie, Moonstruck, “Snap out of it!”  Fix your mindset and you fix your fear of failure, so to speak.  Here’s how:

You have to begin by truly believing in your worth to yourself and your entire world.  Look in the mirror!  You are the only “You” in this world of over seven billion people!  That alone gives you unique worth.  Use it to your advantage.

Start using your uniqueness by increasing your will to fight for what it is you want.  As I’ve said it before in previous posts, it’s not the human “won’t!”  It’s the human “will!”  Empower your will by finding your passion in life.  Passion drives purpose.  Purpose drives potential.  Potential drives vision.  And, vision drives you to the emotion that allows you to never give up.

To find your passion, increase your base of knowledge about those things in this world that interest you.  View, read, study all that you can about your topics of interest.  In that increased knowledge, will come the seed of passion that will drive you to the next seed of success.

That seed is your skillset.  Skills are the “how” of what it is that you need to do to succeed.  Developing your skills is all about, first, knowing what skills are needed and then practice, practice, practice.  The ability to do those things well that is required to achieve your defined success is absolutely necessary.  Practice of skills is the price of admission to ultimately being let into the movie of your success.

In summary, you eliminate failure from being an option in your life through belief in yourself; applying your will; developing your knowledge; and practicing the necessary skills for your success.

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