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Success Requires Your Absolute Best

b2ap3_thumbnail_GoalIt seems self-evident but I am always amazed at the number of people who think success should be handed to them.  They seem to believe their very presence in the world sets them up for everything to come to them on the proverbial silver platter.  Think again oh blessed ones!

By its very definition, success requires more than waiting for it to happen to you.  The fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, fame or generally, the correct or desired result of an attempt at achieving something is never easy.  Success always requires passion for a purpose, a plan and deliberate and targeted effort over time.  That’s the formula for success…that’s it…period!

When it comes to the effort you put forth in trying to achieve your own idea of success consider a couple of things.  First, the concept of absolute suggests a complete and total effort.  If something is absolute it is not limited in any way.  Question:  Are your efforts toward your success complete, total and not limited in any way?

Secondly the idea of your best effort suggests a whole bunch of things.  For example anything that is at its best is better than all others in quality or value.  That thought suggests to me that if you are doing your best you are at your highest level of skills application and applying your unique talent.  However, you are also paying attention to doing the most appropriate, useful or helpful things that will drive you to success.

The most useful and helpful thing you can do at this moment is viscerally dedicate yourself to always doing your absolute best.

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