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Success…What Is It?

In an earlier article, I expressed my opinion that success is no surprise. Regardless of whether my opinion is correct or not, many of us struggle with the question of what success is for us as individuals. Is it certificates of accomplishment? Is it lots of money? Is it a vacation home on the beach? Is it an expensive car? Is it good health? Is it long life? Is it…?

Well, let’s start from a simple statement that I frequently express to my various audiences. “Almost everybody, it seems, wants to ultimately be seen as a success in whatever their pursuit. Success, my friends, is not as seen through the eyes of the beholder. It is as felt in the heart of the pursuer.”

So, your personal definition of success should begin from your heart. What is it that will ultimately give you the greatest sense of accomplishment in your life. I like the way the great, former basketball coach at UCLA, John Wooden, puts it: “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

As I also expressed in that previous article, your success has to be driven by emotionally meaningful goals. I believe combining Wooden’s concept of success with your own emotionally meaningful goals can give you a powerful direction in life. I believe the combination of the two leads you to the catalyst of clarity in terms of what your success will look like to you from a tangible perspective. Also, and just as importantly, the combination of the two allows you the peace of mind that comes with making steady progress toward your tangible goals rather than, only, the anxiety created by the limits of the absolute.

In other words, if you define your success only in absolute tangible terms you suffer the risk of absolute failure. As long as you remain committed and never stop making steady progress toward your goals you can’t define yourself as a failure. You can only know in your heart what success is ultimately going to be for you.

Yes, the tangible trappings of success help us measure our progress but our feelings are what confirms to ourselves the heights we have reached.

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