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Supernatural Vision is Required to See Unbelievable Results

Are you into superheroes?  Generally, I’m not but I had occasion recently to reflect on the powers of Superman.  Don’t ask me why…it just happened!

Well, not really.  ☺

I was thinking about the message in this post and realized one of Superman’s key powers is a great metaphor for my main point.

Superman is considered by many to be the template for all superheroes that have come after him.  There isn’t much he can’t do.  I mean…he can leap tall buildings in a single bound; fly faster than a speeding bullet; melt lead by just looking at it; see through walls…to name a few.

Hmmm…see through walls.  And, in addition, Superman’s vision is so powerful he can see at a microscopic even atomic level.  He sees the full spectrum and across interstellar distances.

Here’s your challenge as a “natural hero.”

You have to see through the walls thrown up in your life, if you are ever going to get to the other side of them.  It is having that premature kind of vision to see the rewards before you ever overcome the barriers to them that gives you the drive to become all you can be, do or have!

You have to see the finer points of everything about your life.  The big picture is always in the details (the microscopic or atomic level) of things.

I remind you of the importance of pixels in today’s digital photography.  It is those tiny little parts (pixels) of the pictures you take that ultimately multiply into the clarity of the big picture.

Your vision has to be able to see across the full spectrum of everything that could impact you.  Tunnel vision is only good for when you are actually in a tunnel.

Success doesn’t happen in a tunnel of myopic vision!  It happens through your deep understanding of the breadth and depth of the full spectrum of your world.

Finally, you have to see how what you think and do can impact the “interstellar” depths of your future.  Putting that another way, you have to constantly take the long view so your present view is relevant to achieving what you want in the future.

In summary…

…if you are to achieve unbelievable results in your life, you have to create the equivalent of Superman’s supernatural vision.

It may seem impossible for you but here is how you can create the equivalent of supernatural vision in the “natural” world…and, you don’t have to be faster than a speeding bullet to do it, either!

There are three ways to get to the other side of a wall.  You climb over it; bore through it; or crawl under it.

Most barriers to achieving unbelievable results in your life can seem to be hundreds of feet high; yards thick; and built on foundations that have similar proportions underground.

So, the question becomes how do you muster the necessary desire to overcome these barriers?

Your desire is more than a wish.  A wish is kind of wishy-washy, if you’ll pardon the pun.  Desire, on the other hand is an extremely strong feeling of wanting to have something.

That undeniable feeling of wanting to have something comes from your “why.”  Realizing everything you want to be, do, or have in your life starts with your reasons why.

Strong, emotional reasons why drive the power of your effort to climb over; bore through; or crawl under every barrier in your way.  Understanding why you want something gives you purpose.  Purpose drives passion.  Passion makes your vision the equivalent of supernatural.

The visual of what you need to “see through walls” looks like this:

Vision Requirements Model

The guy who is credited with inventing the microscope did mankind an amazing service.  Just imagine what has been made possible because this guy believed in the power of Superman’s ability to see all the way down to the atomic level.

I have provided you with the immediately previous two links because they direct you to very short articles reinforcing what Superman’s ability means to understanding the natural world.

The relationship to you of all this and creating unbelievable results in your life is you must pursue an insatiable search for knowledge…knowledge (and skills) that will help you get where you want to go.

Specifically, what do you need to do?  It all comes down to exercising the discipline to devote a minimum of one hour in your day to acquiring new knowledge.

It takes effort but you have to do it if you are to create the necessary “supernatural vision to see unbelievable results.”

But, that’s not all!  Remember, Superman can see at interstellar distances.  Metaphorically, you need to also.

The only sure way to see “the full spectrum and across interstellar distances” into your future is to plan for it.

A well-documented plan brings the vision of your future back to focusing on the actions you must take today.

To build a great plan you need to follow this progression of steps:

  1. Be specific on where you are going (Your Vision)
  2. Create measurable milestones for achieving Step 1
  3. Break each milestone into manageable chunks and set timelines for completion of each
  4. All the above steps must be put in a documented/visual form to help keep you on track
  5. Take action as you have defined in Steps 1-4
  6. Adapt your plan as emerging changes in circumstances require it
  7. Don’t be detoured; discouraged; or stopped
  8. Finish what you started and achieve what were once unbelievable results!

I realize you are not Superman or Superwoman but you ARE a natural wonder!  Take this information and create your own version of a supernatural person because you created unbelievable results in your life.

Crop of GNCC ShotWhat is going to be your first step in developing the equivalent of supernatural vision?

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