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Surviving Cancer…Living Life

All of us are at risk and many of us contract it while more and more of us survive it.  Cancer, that is.  That said, none of us survive life, as far as anyone can be absolutely certain.  By the way, that previous statement doesn’t take away anything from the spiritual side of life and the beliefs it may generate for many of us.  Rather, I’m talking about the biological side of life and the fact that none of us survive it.

But, back to cancer and its relevance to the point of this article.  There’s no doubt a diagnosis of cancer is a devastating event in many lives.  I know from where I speak because I received such a diagnosis on April, 23, 2008.  On May 7, 2008, I had surgery to remove the tumor and subsequent to that radiation therapy to maximize the odds of my survival from a very aggressive form of cancer.  To date, I’m a survivor and everyday the odds turn more in my favor.  But, there are no guarantees so you live with it but not dwell on it.

Here’s the point,  if we’re going to maximize living the experience of life.  Whether it’s the scourge of cancer, other diseases, an automobile wreck, or whatever, living life requires an attitude of accepting the risks as part of it.  Life is not a comfort zone.  In a way, it’s a war zone.  A daily war to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.  It’s meant to be lived to the fullest not attempting to avoid the risks of it.

When negative stuff happens, it’s up to each of us not to dwell on it but create an attitude of surviving it.  Figure it out and make the negative another experience that can be leveraged to the positive side of the ledger of life.  As long as there is life, there is hope.  When there is hope, there is life to be lived.

None of us can survive life, as we know it, but we certainly can live it to the fullest.  Join me, won’t you?

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